Friday, April 16, 2010

"If U were alone of course U will be my victim.”

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There’s one asian muslim lady, wear hijab and with good attitude. One nigth this lady was on her way home, walking all by herself. Since she finished job late, she decided to take the short cut to her house. She walked at an isolated road and the surroundings made her feel very uncomfortable. suddenly she saw a guy (white American male) standing againts the wall near there. she scared and all that she can do was pray to Allah for her safety….she recite 'ayat kursi' with hope that Allah will help her at the moment..

When she passed by that guy, she look at his face..Fortunately that guy do nothing and this lady safely arrived at home. The next morning, this lady read in newspaper that an American lady had been raped by an unknown stranger at same road just 10 minutes after she passed that road.

She was very positive that the guy she saw last nigth was the rapist. So she went to lodge a police report & became a witness to the rape case.She identified the rapist and
after further investigation the police had proved that the guy was really the rapist.This muslim lady feel weird why that man ignored her , but rape the next passer... She really wants to she asked for permission to talk to the rapist….

She asked the rapist

“Why dont U do anything to me on that nigth eventhough you know that I’m alone?

The rapist answered…

”No, you are not alone.That nigth I saw two young man walking with U.One on ur right side & the other one was by your left side."
"If U were alone of course U will be my victim.”

That muslim lady was very surprised to hear the answer……she's grateful towards Allah because protect her that night, may be its the advantage of 'ayat kursi' that she recite..

[cerita ni maybe da ramai yang pnah bace...ak pun da bnyk kali bace tp just nk ingat mengingati je...]

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